Olfactory Ceremony | Efforts-consuming Life Aesthetics

In recent years, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the sense of ritual in life. In fact, “the sense of ritual” is only a carrier of life attitude. Your seriousness and love for life is reflected in the small details and all aspects of life. It makes up your life, and determines the quality of your life.


For the delicate petty bourgeoisie, perfume has long been an indispensable part of life. The fragrance of the perfume is complicated, and the style is also different. The fragrance not only represents the taste of life, but has even become a part of the personality of many people. Spraying perfume is a process of self-pleasing, which also strengthens our connection with the outside world.

In addition to perfumes, home fragrances are also attracting more and more attention. The smell is always invisible, but it can inject emotion into the space invisibly, which is a kind of quiet guidance for the atmosphere. Whether it's a scented candle or a fire-free aroma, the taste defines the style of our home space, and also allows people in it to find a sense of belonging.

Definitely, different home spaces are suitable for different fragrances, depending on the purpose of the space and the feeling we want. For example, as the most intimate area in the home, it is best to choose calm, romantic or sweet fragrance in the bedroom. It is suitable to create a clear, light, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere; in the working area, people need to be deep in mind and cool the brain. A touch of citron or mint is a good fit, because it has a sense of presence and is modest; in such a meeting area as the living room, you need a dignified and calm fragrance, which allows the guests to feel the owner's attitude towards life and aesthetic style. Such kind of fragrance does not have to be too rich, and it only needs to be elegant and soothing; the bathroom only needs refreshing and relaxing fragrance. For example, mint or lemon fragrance can play a role in relieving odors to a certain extent; the porch place of the door is a very important area. Whether you go out or go home, it can exert the excessive effect of relieving pressure. Therefore, it is suitable for such a fragrance with a refreshing sensation as marine fragrance.


When you choose a fragrance product, in addition to the taste, you should also pay attention to whether the raw materials of the product are natural and healthy. For example, high-quality scented candles are generally based on soy wax, coconut wax or other vegetable waxes, and the essence is also extracted from natural raw materials. Only high-quality raw materials can give you a sense of comfort and relaxation, and maximize the effect of it.

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