Shanghai PuFen Closed the Angel Round Financing

July 20, 2018 

On July 9, 2018, Shanghai PuFen Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd closed its angel round financing. PuFen brought in investors, further enriched the organizational structure, and laid a solid foundation for future regional arrangement and capitalized operation through this round of financing.

In the field of consumption goods investment, investors prefer the objects with following similarities: high frequency, rigid demand, wide receiver, quick consumption, and easy to develop loyalty. Therefore, fragrance products and services have always been paid great attention by the market in recent years. As a leading professional fragrance company in China, PuFen integrates fragrance planning and implementation of brand marketing with space fragrance transmission system import and services, is committed to introduce the best fragrance idea into China. PuFen maintains a long-term cooperative relationship with numbers of international well-known hotels and domestic leading brands in various industries, developing exclusive olfactory marketing plans for different brands.


PuFen mainly focus on customized fragrance service, customizes suitable olfactory marketing plan according to the notes of client’s brand and their target customer. At present, the main service is providing customized fragrance overall plan for business clients, which include starred hotel, auto 4S shop, large event venue, office building, brand retail store, shopping mall, fitness club and other high-end places.

With the growth of PuFen brand, the company will deploy to middle-large size cities in China and strive to develop the strategy of direct-sale partners. The cooperation mode is to set up direct-sale branches for head office and operate with partners’ contribution of capital. Partners are responsible for the operation and management of direct-sale branches with operational support from headquarters. Branches can free use “PuFen” fragrance brand, share brands resources and gratuitously benefit multi-channel promotion and resource development from headquarters. Both sides work together to achieve win-win cooperation.