2019 Shanghai Fashion Week ME&CITY Spring & Summer Supershow with PuFen

        2019 Spring & Summer Fashion Week kicked off in Xintiandi, Shanghai on October 10, 2018. ME&CITY, as the opening brand of this season's fashion week, released its 2019 Spring/Summer collection in Taiping Lake, Xintiandi. With the theme “Me, Made in China”, this show widely used domestic raw materials of high quality in its clothing as to overthrow people’s old-fashioned impression that Chinese manufacturing is roughly made and low-cost. In terms of design, the brand adheres to the simplicity and modern style as well as chic and exquisite manufacturing, thus creating high-quality life experience for the new middle class of contemporary China.

        Illusory  "mirror" are carried through all this show. Models traversed the runway of transparent LED large screens and mirrors and the well-tailored clothing were in sharp contrast with the environment. This press conference was divided into three parts. The first part was called “Simple Life”. The neat windbreaker、 the wide-brimmed hat with folds intentionally、silk blouse and dress made of Huzhou silk were a romantic interpretation of urban life and also just provided a fast track of escaping from high-pressure life.


        In addition to the visual fashion that ME&CITY present, the invisible “Olfaction

 element” created an unforgettable dreamlike space for the show. As sponsor of the ME&CITY on olfactory art, PuFen adopted the simple fragrance tone that very close to the brand temperament, bringing the exquisiteness and modernity of ME&CITY to the utmost, making everyone present experience the brand essence and style.


        In recent years, the refinement of the industry has put forward higher requirements for brand marketing, olfactory marketing has become a new and effective marketing method. Fragrance is protagonist of olfactory marketing. High-quality fragrance enhance the space environmental quality ,as customer in among can get their mood adjusted and become more at ease and pleasant. The smell of the fragrance imperceptibly creates an olfactory memory for the customers, implants the company and brand’s tonality into customers’ lifestyle, likewise plays the role of conveying the brand culture.

        As the pioneer of olfactory marketing in China and a leading fragrance service provider, PuFen has advanced patented technology equipment and top-class fragrance raw materials. Relying on high-quality products and thoughtful services, it provides customer with complete olfactory brand marketing plot and implementation services. 

        PuFen’s innovative services have attracted more and more international customers such as Powerlong Group, Shimao Group, Marriott Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Hyatt Hotel, Lamborghini Hotel etc. Our high-quality innovative services have constantly increased our brand appeal and been favored by more customers, furthermore amazed the whole fragrance market.