The Yao Foundation with PuFen,Raised 3.89 Million RMB to Support Teenagers in Poverty-stricken Areas

Recently, the Yao Foundation held the 5th annual charity gala dinner at W Hotel  in Shanghai. Guests were invited to “explore the charm of light and shadow and spend the surprising night together”. With about 900 business guests and individual sponsors attended the dinner, splendid performances and a number of charity auctions brought the dinner to successive rounds of climax.

The event raised a total of RMB 3.89 million to support children’s education in poverty-stricken areas in China. The gate receipts and net proceeds from charity auctions will be used to further build Marriott·Yao Foundation Hope Primary School and support the public welfare project, “the Yao Foundation Hope Primary School Basketball Season”.

As the fragrance sponsor of this event, PuFen believes in the Yao Foundation’s significant contribution to social public welfare. Since 2013, the Yao Foundation has continued to hold various public welfare activities, including the reconstruction of seven Hope Primary Schools in Southwest China. By 2016, the charity activities of Yao Foundation has raised RMB 1.3 million in donations and completed the reconstruction of three primary schools. Launched by former Chinese basketball player Yao Ming, the Yao Foundation is committed to building confidence and teamwork spirit through sports and helping children in physical and mental development as well as healthy growth.


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