Shanghai PuFen, Leading the New Fashion of the Fragrance Industry

Scientific Research has shown that people have three times as much memory of smell as visual memory, and therefore some people say that smell is the most memorable and unforgettable thing in the world. Among many smells, the top-ranking jewel is fragrance. In today's pluralistic society, more and more important occasions create an atmosphere with fragrance. People began to "know people by fragrance”, realizing the importance of fragrance language. Shanghai PuFen seizes the opportunity brought by fragrance industry, immediately stands out as the top fragrance service provider in China.



As a professional fragrance company, Shanghai PuFen Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd. integrates fragrance brand marketing planning and implementation with space fragrance transmission system import and services. Since 2013, Shanghai PuFen has been a pioneer and innovator in fragrance industry with more than 5 years endeavor. So, what has enabled PuFen to gain customer support and trust in just a few years and lead the new fashion of fragrance industry? 

Excellent Fragrance Idea and International Vision

The fragrance idea of Shanghai PuFen is leading the era of fragrance brand marketing with innovation. PuFen is bold enough to innovate and try. Through its unremitting efforts, PuFen has reached a balance point among the safe product performance, smell art and customer experience, and brought the space fragrance into a brand-new dimension of smell, which not only satisfies the smell experience of customers, but also the visual effects of different scenes. Based on the international perspective, Shanghai PuFen has introduced the advanced international fragrance idea and maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with numbers of international well-known hotels and domestic leading brands in various industries.

Healthy, Environmentally Friendly and Advanced Product System

Shanghai PuFen is a leading technological innovation-based fragrance service provider integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It is committed to creating a healthy, comfortable and unique space environment. The main top essential oils of PuFen are based on the idea of health, environmental protection and nature, and can meet the needs of different occasions. Our Fragrance equipment has been in the forefront of development with light and beautiful body. The use of advanced diffusion technology, ultra-silent output and intelligent control of the spread of fragrance can adjust the fragrance concentration and time, and make the essential oil fog surface more delicate with better-distributed effect according to different situations, which gets much favor from customers.


High-Quality and Innovative Service

Shanghai PuFen is dedicated to providing customers with a personalized olfactory fragrance plan. PuFen analyses different types of fragrance for customer brands and customized exclusive brand fragrance, making it stand out from the market. At the same time, thoughtful after-sales service also earns a good reputation for our company. PuFen solemnly promises to provide free fragrance equipment and one-stop installation, regular maintenance, permanent warranty and replacement of consumables services. In addition, PuFen also provides a variety of fragrance selection and replacement services to meet the diversified needs of customers.
Nowadays, the fragrance market is becoming more and more mature. With advanced products, innovative plans and high-quality services, Shanghai PuFen has established its own style in the fragrance market, and won the praise of customers both at home and abroad. We believe that in the future, Shanghai PuFen will surely lead the new fashion of the fragrance industry with better products and services.