Fragrance equipment
Pufen has kept developing the atomization technology since the establishment of the company. After six years of continuous experimentation and exploration, the new generation of fragrance equipment has smaller atomized particles (diameter≤10μm ). The sizes of atomized droplets are more uniform (the uniformity index N is usually higher than 2 while the average ultrasonic N index is between 1.1-1.7; N is the index of the R-R distribution function). The upgraded fragrance equipment has a better atomizing effect and more uniform diffusion. The straight-line height of atomization air column can reach 50cm, which means the spray of the atomization column can be clearly felt under the natural light. The atomizing nozzle will not spout oil or particles; it can be used for long-time atomization and will not have oil accumulation. There will be no solidification or clogging at the nozzle position.
  • PF-150—the reformer and creator of large area fragrance covering products.

      It looks portable and is equipped with ultra-quiet output technology. With a diffusion device controlled externally, it can intelligently control the transmission and spread of fragrance. The super-large volume of 1000ml and the Taiwan upgraded air pump have made it a powerful indoor fragrance machine which has a large-area coverage.

    · Product Size:L280*W120*H279.5mm
    · Rated Voltage:12V
    · Power:16W
    · Noise Level:<45dba
    · Volume:1000ml
    · Weight:4.2kg
    · Diffusion Area:1000-6000m3
    · Application: hotels, resorts, office buildings, automobile 4S stores, housing project reception centers, high-end shopping malls and so on.

  • PF-250—a product with all advantages.

      This product is designed light and small, and it weighs only 3.0kg, making the transportation and installation services economical and convenient. Combined with a super-efficient blower fan, the 500ml essential oil storage tank can make the diffusion of fragrances long-lasting, wide-reaching and evenly spread. The APP control panel will also fully drive the product to be intelligentized and facilitated.

    · Product Size:L230*W110*H260mm
    · Rated Voltage:12V
    · Power:7.5W
    · Noise Level:<40dba
    · Volume:500ml
    · Weight:3.0kg
    · Diffusion Area:<1000m3
    · Application: shopping malls, hotel lobbies, event centers, brand exhibition halls, commercial shops and so on.

  • PF-350—the representative of exquisite and elegant design。

      This product is designed in the classic cylindrical shape and has an outer surface of all aluminum alloy material. It has low noise, and a small light size. The advanced nanometer atomization technology makes the atomization of essential oils more delicate and evenly distributed. As an external device, it can be used conveniently with the intelligent remote control.

    · Product Size:L123*W123*H112mm
    · Rated Voltage:12V
    · Power:2.2W
    · Noise Level:<30dba
    · Volume:60ml
    · Weight:1kg
    · Diffusion Area:<200m3
    · Application: commercial shops, hotel rooms, spas, fitness centers, banks, meeting rooms, restaurant chains, various kinds of small and medium-sized reception centers and so on.

  • PF-450—the ideal scent machine for small commercial spaces

      The product, which can be placed in the air supply passage or hung on the wall, uses advanced diffusion technology to atomize the fragrance essential oil.

    · Product Size:L85*W67*H275mm
    · Rated Voltage:12V
    · Power:5W
    · Noise Level:<38dba
    · Volume:100ml
    · Weight:0.8kg
    · Diffusion Area:<200m3
    · Application: passenger elevators, washrooms, VIP Boxes, commercial shops, hotel rooms, meeting rooms and other small spaces.

  • PF-550—mobile and flexible, installed with new battery device。

    The product has a handsome appearance, a light body and small size. It can be hung on the wall. The installed new battery device enables this product to be used without power supply and can be moved flexibly and used conveniently. There are also built-in concentration and time set programs, which means that the concentration of fragrance and the running time of the machine can be adjusted to meet the needs of different environments.

    · Product Size:L115*W50*H145mm
    · Rated Voltage:5V或3節電池
    · Power:5W
    · Noise Level:<38dba
    · Volume:100ml
    · Weight:0.35kg
    · Diffusion Area:<100m3
    · Application: small and medium-sized reception centers.

  • PF-650—a convenient automatic fragrance sprayer。

      This product is made of the environmentally-friendly ABS injection molding materials and is therefore durable. The machine is in an all-day microcomputer automatic control and spray time can be adjusted. Working period can be set in line with practical needs and the machine is consumable-saving. It uses a LED display screen to show working time and parameters. The product is easy to use and suitable for deodorization and freshness of micro spaces.

    · Product Size:L70*W80*H200mm
    · Rated Voltage:3V
    · Power:3W
    · Noise Level:<10dba
    · Weight:0.3kg
    · Diffusion Area:≤50m3
    · Mainly applicable to small spaces such as VIP reception rooms and washrooms.