Other products
  • Pufen’s perfume can

      This can is filled with unique fragrance smell which is long-lasting. The fragrance is extracted from a variety of natural plant essences and has a compound plant aroma that is natural, environmental, healthy and unique, which can quickly eliminate unpleasant smells in a room.

    · Product Size:Φ65*140mm
    · Volume:300ml
    · Diffusion Area:≤75m3

    · Application: homes, offices, washrooms, KTV, restaurants and other places that need fresh air and adding perfume.

  • QM-01——a healthy product that cares for mothers and babies

      This product selects Japan’s advanced tungsten oxides and uses the advanced electric heating technology which is leading in domestic industry. The hydroxyl radicals and reactive oxygen species released can effectively decompose harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses, remove odors and purify the air.

    · Product Size:L60*W60*H90mm
    · Rated Voltage:220V
    · Power:2.5W
    · Noise Level:<10dba
    · Weight:0.2kg
    · Diffusion Area:≤60m3

    · Application: indoor places including hotel rooms, meeting rooms, offices, bedrooms and VIP reception rooms.