Fragrance essential oils
The raw material suppliers of Pufen’s fragrance essential oils are all leading manufacturers of the global essence and spice industries. In its production, Pufen adopts advanced extraction technology which is specially developed by an expert group consisting of top fragrance researchers. Our products are also under the supervision of professional test laboratories. For each scent type, we can provide IFRA/MSDS/Allergens certification reports issued by relevant international authorities.
  • Floral Fragrances

    Floral Fragrances——sweet and elegant natural scents

    Floral fragrances are the essence of nature. In spring, flowers bloom and display abundant scents of varying degrees. The shining and free summer usually has rich kinds of warm scents. In autumn it is bleak while gentle, and there are mellow and emotional fragrances. In winter splendid appearances of things have faded and the world harvests nothing but profundity and romance. Flowers show their differences in characteristics and features, which enables perfumers to present different fragrance styles and levels by adding other scents. What has never changed is the quality of natural and elegant fragrances.

  • Woody Fragrances

    Woody Fragrances——an extraordinary and reserved expression of natural essence

    Woody fragrances are usually profound, which fits the aesthetic taste of business people, elegant and modern. Whether combined with a refreshing or soft note, the fragrance will reach a good harmony and balance. This addition of bright vigor can make the reserved and elegant woody notes mellow and thick as well as lingering and lasting.

  • Fruity Fragrances

    Fruity Fragrances——the vivid and full natural essence

    With the radiant smell of plants, the sweet and pure natural fruity fragrances display a natural and vivid freshness. To make the whole style fuller, floral and woody fragrances are often used in middle and base notes, which adds a unique and exquisite sensory fragrance. The whole style turns out refreshing, profound and sweet, a fragrance that gives people pleasure and joy.

  • Herbal Fragrances

    Herbal Fragrances——radiant and quiet greenery abundance

    Herbal Fragrances are full of enchanting scents which are fresh and natural. The diverse herbal smells are often blended with floral and woody fragrances as middle and base notes, producing an interweaving of different characteristic notes. Top notes are radiant and clear while middle and base notes strong and mysterious. As a result, the fragrances are not just profound and charming, but elegant and refreshing, bringing calmness and peacefulness to people.

  • Classic Fragrances

    Classic Fragrances ——an everlasting dream

    This collection includes fragrance classics like Aquatic and Tea. As the youngest member of the fragrance family, Aquatic usually brings the smell of sea breeze, moist air or aquatic plants, comfortable and pleasant. Tea smells pure and long-lasting, overall distant and of Zen style. It puts people in a fantastic dream which embraces the unusual natural power and the spirit of freedom, creating an indulgence in a harmony of mildness and inclusiveness.