Pufen maintains a long-term and close cooperation with many well-known international hotel groups and leading brands in domestic market. Our company not only seeks for perfection in product development and selection but also pursues the ultimate customer satisfaction in after-sales service.
Cooperation brands
Application areas
  • Star Hotels

      It is important to enhance indoor experience of customers by using the hotel lobby to diffuse a unique fragrance, before the core services are presented to customers. Besides, this unique fragrance is integrated into a brand to establish a new recognition apart from visual recognition—olfactory recognition, which has imperceptibly created olfactory memories, built a good brand impression and improved customers’ recognition of the brand.

  • Brand Car Showrooms

      On the 2007 Frankfurt International Motor Show in Germany, every car manufacturer tried to attract as many customers as possible by improving the hardware as well as audiovisual effect of their showrooms. BMW, however, placed in its showroom side-source diffusion equipment and chose the fragrance type designed by themselves. As a result, many customers were attracted to the showroom by the pleasant smell. It was through the “Nose is faster than feet” strategy that BMW attracted customers to the showroom when they smelt the fragrance, making the showroom a collection of customers.
      Olfactory marketing can not only attract people, but also express the brand spirit of BMW. It is a new and admirable way of marketing.

  • Shopping Malls

      Shopping malls today not just pay attention to satisfying people’s need during shopping but to customer feelings when they are moving between different spots and selecting what they need. Therefore, fragrance smell has become an indispensable element.
      Adding the aromatic smell of a company’s exclusive fragrance to the shopping environment can not only bring a brand-new olfactory experience to customers but enable people to remember your brand.

  • Real estate sales centers & Office building property centers

      The real estate industry plays a significantly important role in the economic field. Whether to meet the need of elite customers or to fit various kinds of space environments of different styles, fragrance smell is an essential part of decoration, in addition to the commonly used auditory and visual elements.

  • Wedding Halls

      Scented wedding is a unique innovative concept which means integrating fragrance into a romantic theme wedding and using the theme fragrance to decorate a brand wedding hall.
      Pufen has successfully introduced this concept to many domestic high-end wedding brands and wedding halls, to create a dream wedding exclusive to each pair of new couple and lead a brand-new fragrance wedding experience.

  • Clothing and Household Products Retail Stores

      With the advancement of society and the continuous improvement of people’s life, there is a growing diversification of public aesthetic concepts and life levels. People are looking for more extension in basic needs to enrich their life.
      At this moment, when fragrance is combined with clothing and household products, there comes a spark of olfactory level and styles, bringing olfactory joy to people’s life.

  • Large Venues

      Large venues and entertainment venues can easily arouse emotions of people and therefore are must-go places for gatherings.
      The music rhythms, combined with the theme fragrance, can meet the emotional need of people and create a relaxing and pleasant environment, making every person enjoy every minute.

  • Fitness Clubs & SPAs

      With the improvement of people’s life, there is an increasingly higher expectation for the quality of life. Fitness clubs and SPAs are places where people today regularly visit. The lingering fragrance smell can integrate people’s emotions with the environment, giving them a more pleasant feeling in the fitness club or making them feel more joyful and comfortable while enjoying the SPA.